Rally in Tally 2023: Advocating for Alzheimer’s in Florida

Whether it was traveling through multiple time zones or sitting on a bus for 540 miles, nothing could stop advocates from getting to Tallahassee for the Alzheimer’s Association’s annual Rally in Tally, State Advocacy Days. Over 70 advocates made the trek to raise their voice and turn the Old Historic Capitol purple.

Holiday Travel Tips for Families Facing Alzheimer’s

Everyone wants to visit with family for the holidays. However travel, whether short or long distances, can be hectic for just about everyone who does it, but it can be especially challenging for Floridians living with Alzheimer’s. While not all living with Alzheimer’s are able to travel, people living with early- and mid-stage Alzheimer’s often do want to attend family gatherings and holiday celebrations. Careful and thoughtful planning can help ensure safety, comfort and holiday enjoyment for everyone involved. 

How A Rural South Florida Community is Facing the Alzheimer’s Crisis Together

More than 690,000 Floridians are living in rural communities. Faced with challenges like increased poverty rates and a lack of access to healthcare services, families are disproportionately impacted by the effects of Alzheimer’s and other dementia. However, these same communities have used the resources available to build resilience, managing multiple barriers unique to their own culture.